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Fully automated 4-in-1 instrument features an Auto Refractometer, Keratometer, Non-Contact Tonometer and Pachymeter

Eye Examination

Getting your eyes tested must be one of the easiest things to do! You sit comfortably in the seat, look through the lenses and follow the prompts from the optometrist.

Actually we do take your eyesight very seriously. In fact regular eye testing should be part of your overall health care regime.

Even if you have good eyesight, annual checkups allow for early detection should any problems arise. Prevention is always the better option.



Fundus Camera

 At 6dVision we carry out a range of eye tests including:
- Regular eye tests - Advanced testing - Retinal Imaging - Eye examinations
- Eye care, glaucoma, cataracts, mascular degeneration, colour vision, contact lenses, spectacle prescriptions, sport glasses, swimming goggles.
- Vision screening for driver's license renewals.
- Laser digital technologies. - Multifocal contact lens
- HICAPS, immediate health fund claims.

Using the latest technology like our digital retinal camera to photograph the fundus regions of the eye, (back of the eye), in our All-in-One Test, including mascular degeneration and glaucoma.

Eye examinations are bulk billed directly to Medicare. All we need is your valid Medicare card during your appointment, its as simple as that.
Ring 6dVision 02 9531 0451 to make an appointment.