Our Technology

ssssss Our Technology ssssss

We use the latest Technology to give our patients the best
possible outcome.

Topcon CV-5000s

The Topcon CV-5000s is a computerised vision tester. This allows our optometrist to provide a fast, accurate and comfortable eye examinations for patients just like you. It can be used with adults and children. The Topcon CV-5000s also comes with a digital screen and the best part is that it can be operated accurately from a further distance than traditional or manual vision testers.

Medmont Topgrapher

The front surface of the eye, the cornea, is responsible for about 40% of our vision. At 6D Vision, our Medmont Topographer scans your cornea to check for any abnormalities. It also plays a vital role in Orthokeratology, Myopia Control, fitting complex contact lenses and it also has a dry eye analysis function.

Nidek Fundus Camera

We rely on our vision for most of our daily activities so it's important that you get your eyes checked on a regular basis. Our Nidek Fundus Camera helps our optometrist to take a digital photography of the back of your eye. Over time we can use a series of photos to detect any subtle changes to your eye health - changes such as poorly controlled diabetes, high cholesterol etc.. We recommend that all patients have a baseline photograph taken.

Topcon TRK-1P

At 6D Vision, we love technology, especially technology that saves time, saves space and gives our patients like you a more pleasant eye exam experience. The Topcon TRK-1P performs four baselines test in the one machine. It gives us a baseline glasses script, corneal power, corneal thickness and eye pressure. All of these measurements are essential in giving you a thorough eye exam.

Zeiss Matrix Visual Field

Glaucoma is an eye disease that is usually slow progressing and painless. It is sometimes referred to as the sneak thief of sight as peripheral vision is usually affected first. Our Zeiss Matrix Visual Field Machine tests your peripheral vision in just a few minutes. Over time, repeat tests can show subtle changes which maybe associated with glaucoma.